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Meeting With Prof. Tim (New Direction)

I met with Prof. Tim, as planned, on the 16th of February and told him how far we had gone.

He highlighted a couple of things and asked to do the following:

1. Download an earlier version of blender instead. 2.6 might not be stable enough. We read a post from some site, that told us it worked on 2.49/2.5 with Unity3D.

2. Make a detailed post on Gamekit forum about our issues and await response.

Right now, given the position of things, it seems Gamekit might be a To-be-Continued project (because of lingering issues), so our focus might be altered now. With that, we should take a slightly different path.

1. Look into MIN3D instead, pending when a response about Gamekit comes. This was used by another group last semester, and it worked. So we can do it.

2. Generate and export all blender models and components in 3D format and import into the android, iphone.

3. Explore Bullet physics engine and how we can use it with these platforms.

4. MIN3D is in OpenGL, so we need to get dirty with OpenGL. RIPTIDE GP for Android is another option.

The essence of our study, might be checking out different angles to port this games, as against using Gamekit alone.

We just need to get going with these new angles. What are your plans for this break.

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